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Microsoft Ignite Day 3 Update

Microsoft Ignite Day 3 Update

Microsoft Ignite is currently underway in Orlando, Florida.  This Microsoft event has seen a great amount of customer interest, and was sold out.   PCM has a large team there and hosted a great happy Hour Social Event on Wednesday at Marlow’s Tavern, where we were able to connect with existing and potential customers, learn about their business, and talk about the value and solutions that the PCM Microsoft Team can bring to the table.

Here are some highlights from Day 3:

A beautiful sunny day in Orlando Florida, where it’s definitely not extra hot and humid.  But even more hot than the Florida weather was the excitement around new Microsoft solutions and technologies that everyone was able to experience and learn about!

Over the last few days we’ve talked about major announcements from Microsoft and the ways they are making their services and data more accessible and secure for their customers. Today we would like to spend some time talking about some of the new features in Microsoft 365, and the way Microsoft is continuing to modernize the workplace.

Enhancements to Microsoft 365 Compliance and Regulation – Microsoft 365 continues to be the most secure platform for the modern workplace.  At Ignite, Microsoft announced a number of enhancements to the Microsoft 365 platform, including the ability to monitor and assess GDPR compliance directly from the Microsoft 365 portal. These assessments make it possible to audit your environment continuously for GDPR, and give organizations the opportunity to enhance the data controls from within your Microsoft 365 tenant. Combined with recently released features like Multi-Geo capabilities, which allow you to locate your data within specific geographies, Microsoft 365 can be an invaluable tool in ensuring your organizations are in compliance with the GDPR.  As we continue to hear rumors that other countries, and even individual states here in the U.S., may adopt additional GDPR-like regulatory structures in the coming years, organizations that have global footprints, or who work with global data, should begin exploring how they can enhance their compliance with Microsoft 365

Say Goodbye to Passwords – Apart from enhancing compliance and regulation, Microsoft is also making advancements on the security of their platform. One of the most interesting announcements was the move toward a password-less future.  By all indications, password based attacks result in the vast majority of data breaches. To combat this threat, Microsoft will soon be offering the capability for all Azure AD Based Applications (including Microsoft 365) to use the Microsoft Authenticator app to authorize a user based on biometric or PIN. By moving toward an app based future, Microsoft hopes to remove some of the vulnerabilities that are inherent in a password approach. While this will be a change for end users, the result will be a significant increase in security.

Microsoft 365 Integrations with Search Capabilities – Microsoft rolled out a number of announcements around enterprise search capabilities that will make it easier than ever to organize and surface data in your organization.  For starters, Microsoft is going to place search much more prominently in Microsoft 365 applications, so you can have a consistent search experience. The search bar will also include not only documents and data, but also application specific commands, so instead of hunting around a toolbar, you can search for what you want to do.  Finally, the search capability will be present across all search vectors, so whether it’s application search, windows search or even search, a query will return relevant information to you and your end users.

Microsoft continues to innovate on the Microsoft 365 platform, bringing new functionality to market and adding tremendous value to organizations that have already adopted a cloud based mentality for their modern workplace. As organizations continue their journey though the digital transformation, it’s even more imperative that they look at the native capabilities of Microsoft 365 to empower their end users, increase compliance, and enhance security.

Azure Confidential Computing – Microsoft announced that they will soon be releasing a new VM series that will enable what they are calling Confidential Computing. By using Intel SGX technology, Confidential Computing can protect data while it is being processed, providing confidentiality and integrity of data as well as protecting against malicious internal and external threats. Confidential Computing also ensures that you are maintaining control of your data throughout its entire lifecycle. This level of security is a first for any public cloud provider, and companies that have very sensitive data, or very sensitive IP, should be excited to take advantage of these new capabilities.

The addition of these features really showcases the levels of investment that Microsoft is making to its trusted and secure public cloud, Microsoft Azure, and speaks to the overall maturity of the platform itself as more and more enterprises begin to move production workloads. We are excited to see what other features Microsoft makes available.

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