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6 Ways Chromebooks as A Service (CbaaS) Can Help Your Business

6 Ways Chromebooks as A Service (CbaaS) Can Help Your Business

PCM has launched Chromebook as a Service (CbaaS) a solution that provides six ways to help your business become more efficient. Today, we are going to share this recipe with you. The secret ingredients are Chrome Devices, 3rd party Apps & Software, Google Domain Management (G Suite and Chrome), IT Help Desk, Lifecycle Services, and Financing.

The six ways CbaaS enables your company

Chrome Devices: Chrome Devices come in a multitude of different form factors ranging from mobile Chromebooks, Convertibles or stationary devices such as Chromeboxes or Chromebases.  With an operating system designed to maximize productivity in the cloud, Chrome devices are the ideal business device for delivering secure and consistent access to business applications, while also streamlining IT operations and ensuring low TCO. With a variety of form-factors and price points, Chrome devices are easy to use, maintain performance with automatic updates and are built from the ground up to be secure

Chrome Enterprise: Deploy and manage apps and extensions across your enterprise, customize browser management and enable Chrome Sync to ensure an optimal user experience and high levels of user productivity

Google Domain Management (G Suite & Chrome): PCM’s Technical Team will manage your G Suite & Chrome Management console on your company’s behalf to ensure security and application updates are deployed quickly and managed properly to mitigate security threats and decrease employee downtime.

PCM Help Desk: PCM can act as your company’s help desk offering both phone and online support to assist your employees with G Suite or Chrome related questions so you can focus on innovation.

Lifecycle Services: PCM can handle tasks like asset management, etching, migration, equipment buyback to help you meet your business goals.

Financing: CbaaS provides your company the flexibility of paying a fixed monthly fee to purchase Chrome Devices and PCM services giving you alternative purchasing options that require less upfront investment.

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