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Managed Breach & Response Services

Managed Breach & Response Services

With cyber threats continuously on the rise both in volume and sophistication, the traditional firewall approach has proven to be wholly inadequate in securing critical assets. Cybercriminals are creating new attack approaches, techniques, and procedures every day, and statistics have shown that stealth attacks can remain hidden for over a year before being detected. The modern network today faces new threat vectors rising from internal and cloud infrastructures creating more vulnerabilities. Eventually, defensive security technologies will fail to prevent advanced attackers from accessing enterprise networks.

Managed Breach & Response Services (also referred to as Managed Detection and Response Services) provide visibility into threat and risk posture across IT systems. These services utilize machine learning and crowd source intelligence to quickly triage alerts, and apply forensic automation to determine if there is an incident. No more combing through data only after unusual activity has been detected. Your IT team will know what is happening and why it is being categorized as a threat before it causes damage to your environment.

Managed Breach & Response Services also automate the collection, analysis, and correlation of global threat data. They provide built-in tools to facilitate deeper analysis on these incidents to provide actionable remediation steps. Additional services provided include the ability to detect suspicious and anomalous activities with machine learning models for end point threat analytics, network threat analytics, user behavior analytics, and application threat analytics.

Managed Breach & Response Services provide the perfect complementary solution necessary to address security gaps beyond the traditional firewall coverage. But the pricing for these solutions is highly customizable and varies between service providers. By partnering with PCM, you can guarantee expert guidance at a fair price. Our technical specialists can assess your environment and provide a detailed plan that will update your security practice and keep your business protected.

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