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How VER Solved Their AV-Over- IP Needs with Netgear Switches

How VER Solved Their AV-Over- IP Needs with Netgear Switches

“…We’re getting a level of support from NETGEAR that we’d likely never get from another vendor. It has definitely reinforced with everyone that we chose the right partner in NETGEAR.”
— Scott Blair,
VER Senior Project Manager

NETGEAR Products are used around the world for small and medium businesses. We recently reached out to a few of end users to ask them how they use NETGEAR SMB Products for their small and medium businesses. We discovered some awesome people and uses cases and wanted to share them with you here in the NETGEAR Community.

NETGEAR has always been a part of VER customers’ networks, but typically in the form of small, unmanaged switches for their IT. As VER’s customers started moving into more complex environments and even larger displays, they needed true level 3 switching and lots of fiber capacity. As they looked at switches, they not only looked at the fiber backbone and capabilities but total cost of ownership as well.

VER selected the NETGEAR M4300 Fully Managed switches for their reliability and AV-over-IP out-of-the-box features and purchased 120 units. Not long after, one of VER’s client wanted to integrate 80 NETGEAR M4300’s with a fully new LED screen system from a company VER never tested before. After some efficient help from NETGEAR support, which detected that updates were needed from the LED screen manufacturer, the full system was up and running in no time and has been performing flawlessly since then. NETGEAR switches also help VER shorten set up and break down time.



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