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Intel in Your Office

Intel in Your Office

An office worth of computers won’t all fail at the same time. Each slows down at its own rate as their processing power falls behind the new demands of modern applications and software. And though slowdown isn’t exactly a hard cost, it’s the Total Cost of Ownership that should be considered when it comes to utilizing as many machines as the average business does today. Total Cost of Ownership (Tco), along with Productivity and Security are the three pillars of the message behind What New Can Do. It’s these three aspects to running a business that stand to see the most improvement through workplace modernization, whether you’re using two computers or two hundred.

No matter what, your operation is only going to be as fast as its slowest computer, and collaboration will lack flow without seamless processing from one machine to the next. What’s more, there is no looking back when it comes to this progression. The reliance on data and computing power is both a challenge and enormous benefit of the modern workplace. This calls for better, more secure tools that can handle the rigors of analyzing information, instantly collaborating, multitasking, or any of the other routine expectations of a productive company.

Intel Core vPro processors were made with these challenges in mind. Intel knows that many companies don’t update unnecessarily, because it’s another expense from an annual budget that understandably doesn’t allow it. However, outdated devices leave countless companies with lowered productivity as employees watch virtual egg timers drop pixels of sand instead of completing tasks. Intel’s suite of processors lower the Total Cost of Ownership by reducing that downtime and delivering consistent productivity, achieving as much as 80% better performance after a PC refresh.

On top of simply faster processing, 8th generation vPro processors from Intel are designed to efficiently integrate with Windows 10. As the routinely updated operating system takes over, older machines will continue to suffer and be phased out. They miss vital security upgrades and patches, leaving them vulnerable to attacks that could disrupt business or completely end it altogether.

The New You

While it’s important to point out the benefits of upgrading to better PCs, we understand that most businesses aren’t just sitting on their hands, waiting for the best option to fall into their laps or delaying a refresh despite abundant resources. Many owners are busy focusing on developing a pipeline and delivering on the promises they make to customers. You aren’t able to spend costly hours researching to find the best rate on a new machine. So we want to help.

With our Workplace Makeover Sweepstakes, we’re giving out three individual $30,000 prizes to businesses that can prove a need based on the three pillars of What New Can Do. The rules are simple, create your application by visiting our sweepstakes site, click Here to visit. In your application, you’ll be given an opportunity to demonstrate how modernization could improve your workplace. We will review applications and decide which businesses to reward for each pillar:

  • Productivity
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Security




The three businesses chosen will be those who clearly demonstrate a need and a plan for how they could use modernization through 8th Generation Intel Core Processors using Windows 10. The contest is still open and closes on November 1st. All businesses are welcome to apply. Don’t wait, check out our sweepstakes page and send in your application today. This could be the difference your business needs to modernize and secure an advantage in your market.



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