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10 Things to Know About Visual Hacking

10 Things to Know About Visual Hacking

Your sensitive information is being accessed in more places, and more visible places. From eyes who may not be authorized to see it. As your workforce becomes more mobile and business demands productivity around the clock, visual privacy becomes a growing risk. Do you know where your data is? And who’s looking at it?

Here are 10 visual privacy statistics to consider:

  1. 60 percent of employees take their work outside of office walls.
  2. 61 percent are concerned about visual hacking of confidential data.
  3. Employees using a visual privacy solution can be twice as productive when working in close proximity to others.
  4. Lost productivity from visual privacy concerns can cost a company more than $1 million per year.
  5. 70 percent of the time, visual hacking goes unnoticed.
  6. 9 out of 10 attempts to acquire sensitive business information using only visual means were successful.
  7. Visual hacking happens quickly. In a visual hacking experiment, it took less than 15 minutes to complete the first visual hack in 49 percent of the hacking attempts.
  8. In 63 percent of trials, the visual hacker obtained sensitive company information in less than half an hour.
  9. Nearly four pieces of private information were visually hacked per trial.
  10. A visual hacker may only need one piece of valuable information to unlock a large-scale data breach.

Your sensitive information may be at risk and easy to obtain from visual hackers. Understanding their approach can help shape your visual privacy policy. Organizational leadership should make a point to focus on common points of visual hacking to help reduce vulnerability.



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