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HP Print At Your Service

HP Print At Your Service

HP Print At Your Service is an innovative way to save big and worry less about business printing. With HP Print At Your Service, you will receive a new HP printer and Next Business Day Onsite Service, plus automated supplies delivery and the quality and reliability of Original HP supplies. Using smart technology, your HP Print At Your Service device can tell when you’re running low on ink or toner and will order replacement cartridges before you run out.

With your HP Print At Your Service plan, you will receive Hardware Support Onsite Service that provides high-quality remote assistance and onsite support for your HP Print At Your Service devices. This service provides coverage for eligible HP Print At Your Service printers and attached HP branded accessories purchased together.

HP Print Management Device and data collection

• HP will ship you a Print Management Device (PMD) that must be connected to the same network as your HP Print At Your Service printer.1 This device will help us track the number of pages you print and your projected ink and toner levels.
• The HP PMD must be connected as soon as it is delivered to ensure HP can ship supplies to you before you run out.
• HP will regularly run discoveries to address issues with the HP PMD and will contact you if issues cannot be resolved remotely.
• Your printer and PMD must be connected to the same local network (wired or Wi-Fi). The PMD must have unobstructed Internet access on port 443 for HTTPS traffic, and unrestricted access to all print devices on the internal network; such Internet service is not provided by HP and must be purchased separately.2
• HP only requires one PMD per customer network/location. If HP ships a duplicate PMD, HP will request the return of the duplicate device.
• If the HP PMD is broken or defective, HP will replace the device free of charge provided you return the defective device to HP.
• If your printer loses Internet connection, charges for the service will continue and HP will not ship supplies until the printer is reconnected.

Plan and support

• If you do not print all your page plan pages for the month, the unused pages for that month will roll over and will be available to use in subsequent months. Pages are available for use for up to 12 months.
• If you have printed all the pages in your plan for the month and have used all your rollover pages, the extra pages you print will automatically be added at the same cost per page as your current plan. You will be billed for these extra pages in 100-page increments and the charges will appear on your next month’s bill.4
• Your HP Print At Your Service plan will automatically renew on the anniversary date of your plan for a maximum of five years unless adjusted or cancelled by you.
• In addition, HP may contact you electronically via either text messages (SMS and MMS) or your HP Print At Your Service customer portal.8
• Use only the supplies shipped to you under this program. Upon receipt of supplies, you are responsible for their safekeeping. HP is not responsible for lost or stolen supplies.
• Install supplies in accordance to manufacturer’s specifications only when the replacement is needed or in the event that your print quality degrades.9
• The customer is responsible for installing critical customer-installable firmware updates in a timely manner. The customer agrees to pay additional charges if the customer requests that HP install customer-installable firmware updates or patches. Any additional charges to the customer will be on a time-and-materials basis, unless otherwise previously agreed in writing by HP and the customer.
• In the event that a covered product changes location, activation and registration (or a proper adjustment to existing HP registration) is to occur within 10 days of the change.

Plan limits

• Your monthly plan fee entitles you to print the specified number of single sided A4/letter pages during each one-month period. A printed page is a page upon which any amount of ink/toner is placed by your printer. Printing on both sides of the same sheet of paper counts as two pages. A page refers to an A4/letter sized sheet of paper.
A3, single-sided counts as two pages.10,11
• This plan is non-transferable to another company.
• Supplies provided under your plan may only be used in the printer registered in your HP Print At Your Service plan.
• HP is not able to ship replacement supplies through international customs.
• At the discretion of HP, service will be provided using a combination of remote diagnosis and support, services delivered onsite, and other service delivery methods. Other service delivery methods may include the delivery of an entire replacement product. HP will determine the appropriate delivery method required to provide effective and timely customer support within the time commitment.

Customer responsibilities

The customer will be required to meet certain program requirements as well as support HP’s remote problem resolution efforts. The customer will:

• Provide all information necessary for HP to deliver timely and professional remote support.
• Start self-tests and install/run other diagnostic tools and programs.
• Install customer-accessible firmware updates and patches.
• Perform other reasonable activities to help HP identify or resolve problems, as requested by HP.
• Agree and consent to HP remotely managing your printer(s), including automatic discovery of print devices, collecting information, and configuring device settings for print devices on your network.
• Maintain all Internet equipment and services needed to keep your print device(s) on the network, accessible, and powered up to interact with the HP Print Management Device.
• Install the HP Print Management Device and ensure that it’s connected to your network and Internet during the term of this service.
• Understand that if the HP Print Management Device is not connected to your network, HP will not be able to receive supplies alert messaging and will not be held responsible to its commitments to ship supplies. If HP is unable to retrieve usage data, HP will suspend supplies shipments for the affected printer until HP Print Management Device functionality is restored.

Service specifications

Remote problem diagnosis and support

Once the customer has placed and HP has acknowledged the receipt of a call, HP will work during the coverage window to isolate the hardware incident and to remotely troubleshoot, remedy, and resolve the incident with the Customer. Prior to any onsite assistance, HP may initiate and perform remote diagnostics using electronic remote support solutions to access your HP Print At Your Service printer, or HP may use other means available to facilitate remote incident resolution.

Onsite hardware support

For hardware incidents that cannot, in HP’s judgment, be resolved remotely, an HP authorized representative will provide onsite technical support on covered printers to return them to operating condition. HP may elect to replace certain printers in lieu of repairing them per its sole discretion. Replacement printers are new or functionally equivalent to new in performance. Replaced printers become the property of HP.

Once an HP authorized representative arrives at the customer’s site, the representative will continue to deliver the service, either onsite or remotely, at the discretion of HP, until the printer(s) are repaired. Work may be temporarily suspended if parts or additional resources are required, but work will resume when they become available.
To ensure high service quality and quick turnaround time, the level of damage will determine whether the unit can be repaired onsite. Repair is considered complete upon HP verification that the hardware malfunction has been corrected or that the hardware has been replaced.

Replacement parts and materials

HP will provide HP-supported replacement parts and materials necessary to maintain the covered product in operating condition, including parts and materials for available and recommended engineering improvements. Replacement parts provided by HP shall be new or functionally equivalent to new in performance.
Replaced parts become the property of HP. Customers who wish to retain, degauss, or otherwise physically destroy replaced parts will be billed and required to pay the list price minus any applicable discounts for the replacement part.

Maximum supported lifetime/maximum usage: Parts and components that have reached their maximum supported lifetime and/or the maximum usage limit as set forth in the manufacturer’s operating manual, product QuickSpecs, or the technical product data sheet will not be provided, repaired, or replaced as part of this service.



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