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Acrobat DC Offers Enterprise-Level IT Capabilities Without a Long-Term Contract

Acrobat DC Offers Enterprise-Level IT Capabilities Without a Long-Term Contract

Are you ready to reclaim 300 hours this year? According to Forrester, that’s the average time savings for IT staff when you upgrade your Adobe Acrobat licenses to Adobe Acrobat DC for enterprise.

As an IT professional at a mid- to large-sized company, you probably spend your fair share of time managing software licenses. And, the struggle to ensure data and network security is no less real. Fortunately, relief is on the way.

With Acrobat DC for enterprise in the Value Incentive Plan (VIP), Adobe is making it possible for mid- to large-sized businesses to get enterprise-level licensing, security, and support without the commitment of a long-term contract.

Forrester also reports that with Acrobat DC your users can save up to 50 hours per year, because the platform includes the tools that make it easy for them to work with PDFs across a myriad of devices — desktop, web, and mobile.

For those businesses that have already made the switch from previous versions of Acrobat purchased through the Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) to Adobe Acrobat DC for enterprise in VIP, the benefits are clear — simplicity, security, and support.

Management simplicity

One of the biggest tasks IT professionals face is license management. Through the Adobe Admin Console, you have the power to manage all of your organization’s licenses through a central, web-based license management tool. The console gives you the ability to quickly assign, reassign, remove, and track licenses individually or by group, as well as keep an eye on how many licenses are deployed and in use, for compliance purposes. You can delegate oversight for deployment, support, or user groups to different administrators while still maintaining control.

The console is also built to eliminate some of the more mundane tasks of license management. For example, the console’s advanced user identity management features integrate seamlessly with your company’s existing corporate identity systems, like Enterprise ID or federated ID with single sign-on (SSO). So, when users leave the company, you are not stuck with the task of making sure their Acrobat access is removed — federated ID can be configured to do it automatically.

And gone are the days of ensuring that the latest version of Acrobat is installed on your users’ computers. With Adobe Admin Console, you can make new products and updates accessible to all of your users, all at once.

Advanced security

Some of the most attractive features offered by Acrobat DC for enterprise are its security capabilities — capabilities only available with an Acrobat DC subscription. For instance, with federated ID with SSO, and advanced encryption, you can easily manage threats to the data and intellectual property your team shares via Acrobat. Access to this content can only be viewed by those to whom you grant permission.

Enterprise-level support

Unlike out-of-the-box versions, Acrobat DC for enterprise comes with dedicated, enterprise-grade support that many mid- and large-sized businesses can only dream of. This starts with access to Adobe specialists who can help you deploy your licenses and onboard you to the advanced features of federated ID with SSO, console management with user groups, and integration into your directory system with a personalized onboarding call for IT. They’ll address any potential issues or questions in real time so that your organization can get up and running quickly and smoothly.
It continues with ongoing, 24/7 technical support via phone and email in the event that any issues arise. To make sure cases don’t fall through the cracks, Adobe Admin Console includes a tool to open individual support cases and track their status.

Finally, one-on-one learning sessions with Adobe product experts are available to users to teach them how to maximize their use of the software. This not only helps increase efficiency across your organization, but also reduces training costs.

Flexible commitment

Adobe VIP gives you flexible transactional purchasing options and volume discounts without long-term contracts, so you can find an option that suits your unique requirements. With flexible purchasing options, it’s suddenly easier to meet your organization’s needs, whether you need additional licenses or you need to scale back.

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For time-strapped IT professionals, Acrobat DC for enterprise in VIP offers a host of benefits — lower costs, greater control, increased security, massive time savings, and dedicated support, to name a few. In addition, you get the most advanced features and latest security updates to deploy on your own schedule. With benefits like these, the only remaining question is, how soon will you take advantage of Acrobat DC for enterprise?



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