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IoT Through the Eyes of a Cybersecurity Expert

IoT Through the Eyes of a Cybersecurity Expert

As a cybersecurity professional it wasn’t difficult for me to “stumble” into IoT security. I’m passionate about the subject because IoT’s involvement in the tech world has created new opportunities for security focused solutions. Right now, IoT security is a challenge many IoT adopters are anxious to address. And still, there are many reasons why security isn’t yet the priority in IoT products. Unfortunately, this creates a significant amount of risk to those looking to adopt IoT into their environments. Personally, as an IoT security professional, I feel it’s important to ensure that adopters have options to help them mitigate this risk, and as a security focused organization, we can help them navigate the security issues that IoT presents.

The market trends most relevant in driving challenges in IoT security can be directly correlated to the rate of technology and IoT related products that are entering the market. Analysts have identified IoT as one of the largest growth markets in technology and as such, there is a swarm of products entering the market to take a share of the “spend”. Additionally, the capability and maturity of products that entered the market in the early stages of the IoT evolution is driving market segments (such as manufacturing, transportation and utilities) to adopt this technology because it’s considered to be “proven”.

This technology is solving problems that have long been difficult to solve. However, as with every rush to meet and exploit market demands, much of this technology is crafted to solve a specific problem and not necessarily to ensure that the technology is secure. Security is often an afterthought because it’s hard to do correctly and can be expensive. Because of that fact and its effect on delivering a product to market in a timely manner, security is often left to those who deploy the technology after purchase. Additionally, many IoT “devices” will be resource constrained leaving them challenged in being able to capture, analyze or even provide basic security capabilities like encryption.

One of the biggest challenges in cyber security in general, is ascertaining meaningful and actionable data from the billions of lines of security telemetry that are generated by security products. Many of the recent market statistics seem to point to the number of IoT devices increasing by the billions in the next several years. Finding a way to more efficiently and effectively monitor security information while also analyzing and correlating for more actionable data is a problem that will need to be solved.

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