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Organize and Power Your Network

Organize and Power Your Network

During Storm Season, May through August, we see an increased frequency of weather events and stress to the utility grid. During this time, you hope the project you’re working on won’t be interrupted from the turbulent storm outside. You also begin to worry about power outages. Thankfully, there are always backup plans. Here are three tips on how to stay powered through Storm Season and beyond.


Preventing Common Power Problems

The most common power problem is too much voltage which is known as power spikes or surges. A power spike is a burst of high voltage that lasts a few milliseconds, while a power surge lasts 15 milliseconds to several minutes. Surges often happen when large electrical devices switch on and off or if you have faulty wiring or utility problems. Spikes are less frequent, and often result from lightning strikes near connected power lines.

Another problem is too little voltage. Brownouts and blackouts occur when there is too little voltage. Sags and brownouts occur when voltage drops below the normal range. In the US, for instance, nominal household current is 120 VAC. A sag can be as short as one cycle (1/60 of a second), while a brownout may last several minutes. A blackout (complete loss of utility power) can result in equipment damage, service interruption, and data loss.

Uninterruptible power supplies and surge protectors help protect equipment. These guard computers and other sensitive electronics against sudden changes in utility power. Surge protectors guard against excess voltage. CyberPower surge protectors offer data-line protection, noise filters for electromagnetic interference/radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI), and impact-resistant casings for a long service life. Another solution is the UPS system, which protects against over voltages, like a surge protector, and provides continuous power during a brownout or blackout.

Internet Interruption Solutions

Whether you’re sharing internet with others or working on your own personal connection, it’s always good to have power protection to keep the connection from interruption. When you’re working on a laptop, tablet, a smart phone, or any type of mobile electronic, you want to make sure you have connectivity even when there is a storm outside.

 During power interruptions, battery backup systems or uninterruptible power supplies can help ensure internet connectivity. Not only do these solutions help keep the internet connection flowing, they also help avoid future lost data.


Power Failure Backup Plan


Have you ever had the fear of losing data when your backup generator isn’t kicking quickly enough? CyberPower carries double conversion UPS systems that provide you with piece of mind. You can trust the UPS to provide an instant transfer of power. If the generator doesn’t start running right away, you will still have clean and stable power for all of the connected items to the UPS system.

To avoid all of the common power problems in the future, be sure to purchase the right UPS for you. Want to learn more about these solutions? Click here.




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