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Meeting The Challenges of The Modern Workplace

Meeting The Challenges of The Modern Workplace

We all know the workplace has changed dramatically: a dispersed workforce; open floor plans; AV on the network; and reliance on mobile devices – not just to communicate, but to present and collaborate, as well. With these innovations come new challenges: how to find and book available meeting spaces; how to start a meeting and use the technology; how to provide a consistent user experience in every space; how to authenticate users, devices, and data to ensure network security; how to deploy and manage more technology in more spaces and locations; and how to support the many different platforms and services employees and guests have on their personal devices. Crestron has you covered. Our ready-to-deploy meeting spaces make it easy to deliver consistent meeting, presentation, and conferencing experiences on a large scale. Built for the enterprise, Crestron room solutions offer cloud-based provisioning and management, and support standard network security policies. Crestron Fusion® monitoring and scheduling software adds a layer of intelligence to maximize system uptime, and optimize device and room usage.

Find and book the right meeting space

One of the most common challenges in the workplace is simply finding the right meeting space. With direct connection to the most popular enterprise calendaring platforms, Crestron makes it simple and convenient to locate and book available meeting spaces from down the hallway, outside the room, inside the room, or on the Crestron PinPoint™ app running on your Apple® iOS® or Android™ device. Using Crestron PinPoint, you can quickly find the right space for your meeting based on availability, proximity, seating capacity, and technology capabilities.

Locate, reserve, and verify

  • In the hallway
    • With Crestron SSW Room Availability Hallway Signs, all it takes is a quick glance down the hallway to find a free meeting room. The SSW can be custom engraved with the room name or number for easy identification. It connects directly to Crestron room scheduling touch screens mounted below it or to a Crestron control system.
  • Outside the room
    • Stylish Crestron TSW room scheduling touch screens mounted on the wall display detailed room status including the meeting organizer, time, and duration. Available rooms can be reserved on the spot for ad hoc meetings. The touch screens integrate with popular calendaring platforms including Microsoft® Exchange, Office 365® , and G Suite® . HTML 5 support makes it easy to design dynamic, branded graphics and deploy a consistent UX across the enterprise.
  • In the room
    • With Crestron, meeting attendees immediately known if they’re in the right room at the right time. The room display clearly indicates meeting details, room availability, and meeting start instructions.



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