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Flip The Script For Business Meetings

Flip The Script For Business Meetings

How do you “Flip the Script for Business Meetings?”

When meetings are started, sometimes space can be limited and can make the meeting room feel “huddled.” Typically, there’s a traditional projector and screen that are used to present special topics of the meeting. Usually it takes some time for the projector to load up and for the screen to fully show a clear picture of the presentation. Samsung has launched a solution that can solve those pain points that can help facilitate meetings by “flipping the script.”

Earlier it was mentioned that there are times when meetings are hosted in small rooms, which can make people feel like there isn’t enough room. The Flip solves the problem where it can be moved around the room without any problems, with the easel.  One thing to mention is that this easel is separate from the Flip, but it is truly beneficial when you want to move it from office to office or room to room.

Wireless Next Level Technology

Today’s workers rely on their mobile devices to stay productive more than any other workplace tool. The Samsung Flip supports the mobile movement through extensive connectivity that makes onscreen content visible without interruption. Touch Out Control functionality allows users to sync their personal devices to the Flip for real-time viewing and control. Changes made on the Flip will automatically transmit to the user’s personal device and vice versa, for efficient, matched viewing.

Other Benefits of the Flip

There are a few benefits of the Flip that make it different from traditional projectors.

• Flexible & Portable: Paired with a rolling easel* (not included), so it’s easy to bring to meetings and informal huddles. It can be used in either landscape or portrait mode to maximize writing space.
• Easy to Connect: Wireless and wired connectivity makes presenting seamless and simple from laptops, tablets and smartphones.
• Meetings Start on Time: Skip the lengthy boot-up. Embedded sensors activate Flip as you approach the screen, just pick up a pen or rotate the display.
• Write and Draw: It’s smooth and fast like pen and paper, and up to four people can write simultaneously, using any writing tool.
• Share Notes: Once a meeting concludes, share notes and action items instantly via email, network, printer or save to USB.
• Easy to install, Easy to Learn and Easy to Train: It takes minutes to learn the intuitive interface.
• Secure: Secure meetings notes and lock the display from use with a unique passcode.

Interested in learning more about Samsung Flip? Please click here. 



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