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The Intelligent Campus with HP

The Intelligent Campus with HP

HP compute and print solutions are redefining the future of education by enabling collaboration through secure teaching and learning; improving cost savings by streamlining processes; and fostering breakthrough learning experiences with innovative technologies.

Admissions Financial Services

Today, mounting pressures for universities to efficiently manage the volume and complexity of information with fewer resources require solutions that are engineered to meet the demands of 21st century education. HP digital solutions securely captures applications and financial aid information and seamlessly integrates data into workflows throughout the enrollment process and beyond—from pre-admissions to acceptance to financial services to student services.


This high-traffic location requires varying and diverse shared compute and print modalities, each with uninterrupted connectivity access to specific university resources, collections and library portals. Students and faculty rely on these technologies to access material, conduct research, print publications and securely access their university accounts.

Residence Hall

Technology is pervasive across campus, but the diversity of compute requirements in residence building is especially pronounced included BYOD and wearables. Students expect seamless connectivity and access to social media, email, needed course work and internet resources along with the ability to print their documents. Increased competition for student enrollment is leading universities to adopt tech-forward options like gaming arenas, charging stations and shared computing centers.

Dining Hall

Tech-savvy students of today expect to be met with seamless digital experiences across every facet of their educational experience. Universities are leveraging technology across dining venues to help attract and retain students, lower operational costs, and maximize resources.


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