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Huddle Space Meets the Ultimate Conference Camera

Huddle Space Meets the Ultimate Conference Camera

This premier conference camera was specially designed for small conference rooms and huddle rooms. What makes MeetUp stand out from all the other video conferencing solutions in the market today is that it was purposely built from the ground up with small meeting rooms and huddle spaces in mind.

As businesses move to open floor plans, huddle rooms are becoming increasingly common. So much so that research firms Gartner, Nemertes, and Wainhouse are writing dedicated reports about these modern collaboration spaces. In many ways, huddle rooms require performance that’s better than their larger cousins (especially to capture everyone in a room).

The MeetUp was built for optimal audio and video experience in these smaller meeting rooms, which are often often wider and shallower than traditional meeting rooms. It captures a super-wide 120-degree field of view with the ability to pan an additional 25 degrees to the left and right. A Logitech-engineered, low-distortion lens, UltraHD 4K optics, and three camera presets deliver a premium video experience. MeetUp also has integrated audio, with three sound-isolating mics and a voice-optimized speaker to help ensure everyone is heard as clearly as they are seen. Custom-tuned for huddle room spaces, MeetUp delivers an exceptional sound experience. MeetUp is an all-in-one device, saving precious real estate on small room tables and providing an antidote to cable clutter. And like other Logitech products, it’s simple to setup and use, works with all of the major video conferencing providers, and is designed to work right out of the box.

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