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Mobility for the Traveling Professional

Mobility for the Traveling Professional

Booked flight. Check. Reserved the hotel. Check. Got your license or passport? Check. All of this familiarity comes to mind when traveling. Although it may be fun to go from city to city, it can be quite tiring when you have to carry lots of luggage, especially a heavy laptop.

The good news is that Dell has a family of laptops that have special features and qualities that help traveling professionals, students, or anyone that needs to take a laptop. Clearly it helps when you travel lightly, but you also need a laptop that is light to carry.

Picture traveling through the airport, on a train, or any other place and not have to worry about a heavy laptop. Dell has the Latitude Series built for mobility, performance and reliability. With optimal performance that has been rigorously tested, these workstations are tested to ensure the high-performance applications you rely on to run smoothly. Its ultimate reliability makes its certified professional software applications supportive with industry leading resolution time. Supplied with premium materials and a gorgeous 4K Ultra HD display with over 8 million pixels it allows you to view you work in remarkable detail.

All these features are made for the traveling professional that needs a workstation that can keep up with them. Especially when there’s projects with deadlines that need to be completed and the only time you have to continue your work is in between layovers or while waiting to board the plane in a waiting area.

We leave you with this note, are you ready for your next trip? Upgrade to one of Dell’s modern workstations and take your new trusty pro laptop anywhere you go.

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