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Adobe XD CC

Adobe XD CC


Adobe XD CC is the UX/UI solution for designing, prototyping, and sharing user experiences across websites, mobile apps, and more—all in one app. With smooth, powerful performance, XD empowers designers to deliver experiences that look and feel amazing on any screen, device, and platform—whether they’re experienced in UX/UI design or just want to communicate their ideas with impact.

Top benefits

• Delivers an all-in-one tool for designing and prototyping user experiences for websites, mobile apps, and more.
• Integrates design workflows with Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC and brings in colors or character styles from Creative Cloud Libraries.
• Enables users to easily switch from static designs to interactive, sharable prototypes.
• Offers intuitive design tools to quickly create everything from wireframes to high-fidelity layouts.
• Allows collaboration and review of prototypes for Mac or PC desktop and mobile browsers anytime, anywhere.

Key features

Broaden your team’s skillset and impact. With the addition of XD to your creative portfolio you can stay competitive while enabling your team to be more productive with this powerful, easy-to-use tool.

• Repeat Grid—Select design elements such as a contact list or photo gallery and replicate them horizontally or vertically as many times as you want, while keeping your styles and spacing intact.
• Fast, versatile artboards—Pan or zoom in and out of your canvas with zero lag time, with dozens or hundreds of artboards. Customize for any screen or device and copy while keeping design integrity.
• Real-time mobile preview—Make sure your experience works the way you want by previewing prototypes on each actual screen. Changes made on the desktop are reflected on Android or iOS device.
• Reimagined layers and symbols—Work faster and stay organized with a modern, contextual Layers panel that only displays the document layers you’re working on. Turn commonly used elements, like buttons and logos, into symbols that you can drag and drop onto your artboards and reuse.
• Static to interactive prototyping—Turn comps into interactive prototypes, complete with transitions, then test your experiences without having to upload, sync, or jump between apps. Changes you make in design mode appear in your prototype, so you’re always working with the latest version.
• Go from design to prototype with ease—Switch from design to prototype mode with a single click to show colleagues and stakeholders how your multiscreen experiences look, feel, and work.



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