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Only Adobe Acrobat

Only Adobe Acrobat

Fully integrated digital workflows

Digital transformation is a business imperative. With a heritage of secure digital document innovation, Adobe Document Cloud lets you transform your current document processes into 100% digital workflows to speed business and increase productivity. Organizations worldwide rely on Document Cloud—which includes Acrobat DC, Adobe Sign, web services, and mobile apps—to deliver a better customer experience, get business done faster, and compete more effectively.

Only Acrobat allows you to:

Achieve end-to-end digital transformation—Document Cloud is the only complete solution that includes Acrobat DC for individual productivity, Adobe Sign for business automation, and web services and mobile apps to keep business moving in the office or on the go. Acrobat DC is packed with all the smart tools you need to get more done faster. Adobe Sign automates business transactions by providing a fast, secure way to bring trusted e-signatures to every department. You can also add Document Cloud solutions to the business systems you use every day to get more value out of solutions from Salesforce, Workday, Ariba, Microsoft, Dropbox, Box, and others.

Lower TCO with easy deployment and management

Acrobat DC delivers exceptional quality you can trust along with deployment and management tools that lower TCO. There’s nothing new for IT to code or for employees to learn. Your gains? Faster transactions, less risk, and a higher return on your technology investment.

Only Acrobat allows you to:

Reduce costs by standardizing on a single solution—Acrobat DC lets you work on Windows or Mac, online, or on your mobile device, so you can use one PDF vendor for all needs across your organization.

Streamline administration and deployment—Easily deploy Acrobat and Acrobat Reader with free documentation, virtualization support, and best-in-class administration tools. Fine-tune deployments with more than 2,000 customization options, and ease management with Microsoft SCCM and SCUP catalogs.

Comply fully with PDF and accessibility standards—Acrobat DC supports the full PDF standard and complies with Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act to make sure everyone can use Acrobat and PDF, including people with disabilities. With Acrobat DC, you can rest assured that every PDF/A file will render correctly and work with screen readers to pass government compliance checks.

Achieve success and ROI more rapidly—Take advantage of a highly intuitive user interface, support for 26 languages, free online Acrobat community resources, and an extensive support ecosystem to reduce training needs and get users up and running fast. Developed by Adobe, PDF is now a formal, open standard maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Enterprises around the world can leverage industry-standard PDF files to streamline document workflows.

Unparalleled PDF functionality

With three decades of experience and investment, Adobe leads the industry in PDF functionality. Acrobat DC delivers best-in-class PDF conversion, editing, e-signatures, forms, collaboration, mobile workflows, standards compliance, and accessibility.

Only Acrobat allows you to:

Do more in less time—Acrobat is the world’s best and most reliable PDF solution. Acrobat DC lets employees get their work done faster and easier, which can directly improve your bottom line. Create, edit, sign, and manage documents quickly and securely on any device.

Work in the office or on the go—Work can’t always happen in the office. With Acrobat, you can start a document at your desk, tweak it on the train, and then send it for a signature from your living room—all without missing a beat. No other PDF solution lets you do so much so seamlessly.

Simplify form workflows—You can create forms fast from scans with accurate, automated form field recognition. Acrobat also makes it easy to distribute your forms, collect data, and track all responses.

Scan anything to PDF with your mobile device—The Acrobat Reader mobile app lets you turn anything—documents, whiteboards, forms, receipts, images, notes, and more—into digital PDFs.

Collaboration across the extended enterprise

Your company needs easy, effective collaboration tools to keep business moving fast. Acrobat DC lets multiple reviewers—including outside customers and partners—comment and collaborate using shared reviews and Acrobat Reader on any device.

Only Acrobat allows you to:

Save time by accelerating document reviews—Trust Acrobat shared reviews to easily manage and accelerate electronic document reviews without the cumbersome manual process of exporting, emailing, and importing comments from multiple reviewers. Confidently share documents, collect comments from others, and track review progress and participation.

Collaborate more reliably with virtually anyone—Acrobat Reader users can participate in shared reviews, fill and save forms, and digitally sign and approve PDF documents without requiring them to purchase and install additional software.

Best-in-class security

You need to be able to trust that your electronic documents are safe and protected. Acrobat provides both application and document security to give you peace of mind.

Only Acrobat allows you to:

Trust that your documents are secure—Acrobat DC outperforms competitors in security testing with enterprise-class application sandboxing, system-level mitigations, JavaScript whitelisting and blacklisting, cross-domain access control, and more. You can also password protect your PDFs to prevent others from copying or editing documents, and you can redact sensitive information. In addition, predictable, quarterly security updates streamline management for reduced costs.

Only Acrobat lets you work better

With Acrobat, you can get more done every day. Only Acrobat provides the unique capabilities that millions of individuals and organizations worldwide rely on every day to keep everyone on the same page from project start to finish. Take your communications to the next level with Acrobat DC.



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