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Components that Keep your System Running

Components that Keep your System Running

Whether you seek trusted memory or storage solutions, some of the questions you may run into is… what can these two elements provide? Are they of quality? Are they reliable? And how do they keep my system in check?

A Trusted Brand, Worldwide

Firstly, Kingston is a trusted manufacturer that supplies memory and storage solutions that help keep systems alive. One of the many facilities that trust Kingston are data centers because they meet quality of service (QoS) that is required or expected. To further elaborate, top global companies (most of the Fortune 100) and HyperScale data centers use Kingston products.

Quality and Reliability for your System

Further, they are known for quality and reliability built into every product. From DRAM modules (system-specific, ValueRAM and server premier memory) to Flash memory (NAND-based USBs; encrypted USBs, SSDs, and Flash cards), companies and facilities use Kingston with confidence.

Memory that is Ultra-Reliable for your System

When it comes to memory, Kingston has DRAMs made for desktops, notebooks and servers, which can be system specific. Luckily these are manufacturer certified and Intel certified, and have high capacity memory modules. Then there is the important question of how fast can the data transfer and what sort of system memory is used? There are two specific SDRAMs that are available, the DDR3 and the DDR4. All these components were built to keep systems running in and shape.

Storage Solutions

Flash memory that data storage centers use range from SD Cards, flash memory cards to mobility kits, all which Kingston offers. Lastly, Kingston and PCM work together to ensure to provide you with quality components for your system.

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