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Drive business faster with legal e-signatures using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign

Drive business faster with legal e-signatures using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign

Adobe Document Cloud for enterprise brings the security and efficiency of PDF and e-signatures to business processes.

From contracts, to quotes, to marketing collateral and hiring forms, documents are at the heart of every business. In today’s world of internet connectivity and mobile devices, it’s easier than ever to reach customers electronically. And yet, many critical business processes aren’t fully digital; employees still print and scan; use fax and overnight mail to get approvals and wet signatures; assemble handouts manually; and print pages before leaving the office to get in-person signatures from customers and others. As a result, business is delayed and workers miss opportunities to get higher value work done that connects with customers.

Streamline signing and approvals across your entire organization
With Adobe Document Cloud, you can reduce signing and approval processes from days to minutes, assemble professional electronic document packages and create great customer experiences. Document Cloud is complete portfolio of secure digital document solutions that combines the world’s best PDF software, Adobe Acrobat DC, with trusted, legal e-signature services in Adobe Sign to let your employees prepare, protect, send and track critical business documents with 100% digital workflows.

Customers choose Adobe Document Cloud for enterprise because of its remarkably simple user experience, robust capabilities, unparalleled security controls and superior integrations that minimize deployment time. With it, you can automate both ad hoc and structured business processes to create a 100% digital document ecosystem. Team members can work from desktop, web or mobile apps to prepare and protect documents and forms, send them out for signature, then track and manage responses easily. Recipients can click on a link and sign anytime, anywhere, on any device. Signed documents and audit trails are stored automatically and securely in Adobe Document Cloud, your document repository, or your system of record. And, your organization can customize workflows and embed e-signature processes into enterprise systems and apps.

Delight your customers and create a competitive advantage
Fueled by the legal enforceability of electronic signatures in a majority of countries around the world, leading companies are embracing e-signatures as a way to grow revenue, improve customer acquisition and retention and outpace their competition. Customers, vendors and suppliers are comfortable conducting business using web and mobile devices, and they’re demanding digital solutions so they can conduct business anytime, anywhere.

By making the entire process digital, you can eliminate tedious manual steps that delay business, give customers an elegantly simple signing experience and present information professionally. At the same time, your organization benefits from improved workforce productivity and mobility while meeting stringent compliance requirements.

Create exceptional experiences for everyone
Adobe Document Cloud can help streamline document preparation, signing and approvals across a wide range of departments and business processes. Here are a few examples of how customers are using Document Cloud today.

Human Resources

  • Benefits enrollment
  • New hire onboarding forms
  • Policy acknowledgements


  • Vendor contracts
  • RFP and bid packages
  • Onboarding forms


  • Communications review
  • Collateral publication
  • Release forms

Customer Service

  • Service and work orders
  • Field service acknowledgements
  • Plan review and approval


  • Contracts and agreements
  • Proposals and bids
  • New account applications
IT & Operations

  • Asset documentation
  • Change authorization
  • Policy documentation


  • Lease and facilities agreements
  • Request-for-service forms
  • Facilities planning

Product Management

  • Requirements documents
  • Roadmap review and approval
  • Product manuals and guides


  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Business contractsl
  • Court e-filing and e-discovery documents

Work with the digital document leader

Adobe has over 20 years of history providing secure digital document solutions. Hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide trust Adobe Acrobat software and Adobe PDF to help them prepare, protect and share critical business documents every day. Tens of thousands more have adopted Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, to manage document signing processes—with over 4 million agreements signed per month. Over the years, Adobe has helped these organizations deliver breakthrough digital experiences.

Using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign in Adobe Document Cloud, your organization can now:

Accelerate critical signing processes by 500% or more—Adobe helps you save time and money by reducing or eliminating manual or paper-based processes—including all of the cost, errors and delays that go with them. Plus, Adobe’s global client success team is on hand to deliver on-boarding help and best practices so your organization can get a rapid return on investment.
Delight customers, partners and employees—Adobe solutions let you delight others with fast response times and speedy signing processes. They can sign from anywhere without printing or faxing documents, installing software, creating new log-ins or scanning anything. The entire process can take just minutes from start to finish—so everyone can work quickly and get on with their day.
Meet demand for mobile solutions—With Adobe solutions, employees can connect—and stay productive—wherever they go. Using a smartphone or tablet, they can access stored documents, collect signatures in person, send documents for signature digitally and manage the signing process quickly and easily.
Protect sensitive information and transactions—Adobe takes the security of your digital experiences very seriously. With Adobe solutions, it’s easy to standardize or automate the protection of critical documents to restrict others from copying, editing, printing or accessing sensitive content. And whether documents are in development, in transit, stored on site or in the cloud, Adobe’s robust security features, processes and controls help you mitigate security risks and keep business running smoothly. Adobe Sign meets rigorous security standards, including SOC2 Type 1, HIPAA and PCI DSS v3.0—as well as SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 27001.

Adobe Document Cloud for enterprise is available under an Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA). ETLA plans include powerful administration tools—such as the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard—and let you purchase multiple Adobe products through a single contract. Plan options include:

Document Cloud for enterprise—Standard or Pro: The Standard and Pro plans include Acrobat Standard DC or Acrobat Pro DC desktop software, respectively. Your organization can also choose to add Document Cloud services. With these services, employees can complete PDF tasks using mobile or web experiences and work with a subset of e-signature services specifically tuned to the requirements of individual users. Using the Send for Signature tool in Acrobat DC, they can request signatures from others, track responses and manage signed documents easily.
Document Cloud for enterprise—Premium: This comprehensive solution includes Acrobat Pro DC desktop software and Document Cloud services to support your individual users plus enterprise-class e-signature services. Enterprise capabilities make it possible to customize and optimize team workflows, integrate e-signing into enterprise applications such as Salesforce, Workday or Ariba, and manage deployments with ease.

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