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What is Intel Solution?

What is Intel Solution?

This Intel solution enables workers to wirelessly share screen content and collaborate with others on the corporate network. It’s also an extensible and customizable meeting room platform, integrating with other technologies in the room. The solution components include:

  • Intel Core vPro processor-based mini PC hosting hub –The latest Intel Core vPro processor delivers security and performance together with innovative wireless capabilities. Check with your preferred supplier for ordering information on designated products featuring support for Intel Unite software
  • Pluins for hosting hubs—Software plugins from Intel and third parties allow IT to optionally configure custom capabilities for different meeting spaces. Allow workers to easily join a room for a meeting hosted by Skype for Business service or Zoom. Turn a meeting room hub into a temporary hotspot for visitors using the plugin for protected guest access.
  • Intel Unite software for clients—With Intel Unite software running on client devices, attendees can connect and interact with meeting content in real time, from any location where they have a corporate network connection. Runs on the Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 operating systems as well as the OS X operating system. Content viewing is now also available for iPad and Android tablets. Now with present support on iPad.
  • Intel Unite software for servers—Enterprise installations require a virtual machine (VM) or physical server with at least Microsoft SQL Server 2008 software and Internet Information Services (IIS). This server software includes an admin web portal to create and remotely manage hub configuration profiles. For stand-alone installations, essential server functionality is integrated into the hub software.

What makes it so smart?

Smarter meeting rooms, which enables workers to wirelessly share screen content—up to 4 screens at once—and collaborate with others on the corporate network. Another piece is that is has remote management which allows you to use the administrator web portal to manage settings and hub configuration profiles remotely.

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