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What is the Difference Between A Consumer Laptop and A Business Laptop?

What is the Difference Between A Consumer Laptop and A Business Laptop?

While the consumer laptop offers flexibility and a wide arrange of multi-media features, the business laptop is built for accelerated processing and other features that make it right for focusing on projects and work, whether it’s for school or business.

For instance, the Dell Latitude E7270 Ultrabook supports 8GB of memory and has an Intel Core i7 chip giving it the power to be a powerful processor giving the right amount of power to executive light to intensive tasks.

Picture sitting on a desk with a laptop that is built for entertainment and can open an Excel sheet, but is struggling to have many applications open. What a frustrating scenario, right? On the other hand, the home laptop is just as powerful as a business laptop, but really is more geared and used for entertainment purposes.

The options for a business laptop and a consumer laptop are limitless, but in the end, what are the differences?

Some laptops are built for gaming and not for work, others are built for people that want to build charts, graphics, presentations, and want to use something that can get their work done on time, and there are general laptops that are used to browse the web, for entertainment, to socialize on social media, or even work on school projects that don’t require a mass amount of processing.

Lastly, which laptop is right for you? A home laptop or a business laptop? And can either laptop really be used for any purpose? The answer is yes. It just really depends on how it will be used, but once you experience the difference it will be easier to know which is the right one for you.

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