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Kingston Technology

Kingston Technology

Founded in the year 1987, much like PCM, Kingston came into fruition offering products and services focusing on developing and manufacturing flash memory, USB Flash Drives, and more. Today they continue to develop appealing products.

Did you Know?

The name of Kingston Technology was inspired by the 60s Kingston Trio band. A group of men that focused on creating American folk and pop music came to influence the name of 6.5 billion-dollar technology group.

Both originating from California, one in specific to Fountain Valley (Kingston) and the other from Palo Alto (Kingston Trio) both rose to success. Both are still successful today, the Kingston Trio recently fundraised money for the victims of Southern Oregon. A fire in early October broke out in Southern Oregon and a concert was held to fundraise the money for the victims.

Like the Kingston Trio, Kingston also helps communities by supplying support to local area food banks, co-sponsoring charitable drives, and donating educational equipment to schools.

Moreover, it’s funny how much in common a music group and a technology giant have.

Keeping Up-to-Date

Kingston Technology has been focusing on their messaging to “Capture the Moment” by spreading the message to “Trust the Memory.”

A question that probably is up in the air is, how do they do that? They make memory compatible with today’s technology.

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LG Not Just Another Display

LG offers a full complement of television systems and solutions for business. Movies, sports, and shows come through with the vibrancy and detail of High Definition.

To attract your audience like never before, the clarity of the displays shines through the high quality UHD resolution and a fast speed of 120 MHz in refresh rate. For audiences that have a quick ear, they will be able to hear the displays built-in speakers.

With the option to have multiple content creation, users can edit content that consists of one video and several still images (up to 20) with SuperSign Editor. There is a particular series that has a built-in TV, the LG UV340C-Series 49″-Class UHD Commercial LED TV, which supports a variety of content to suit hospitality and other commercial needs. In addition to accepting TV broadcast signals, this display features a component video and three HDMI inputs.

What else does LG offer to businesses?

The LG M Series large format LCDs display information, advertisements and broadcast video with digital brilliance.

Not only does LG have a great selection of display, but the tech giant has business grade monitors. One of the monitors allows users to have multiple windows and applications open at the same time and provides segmentation of the screen into up to 4 distinct sections, giving the appearance and functionality of 4 independent screens.

A benefit to using a monitor is that it’s built and designed for users to multitask. In a fast-paced environment where technology is always advancing, these displays and monitors help users that are looking to work at the rate of the changing trends.

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