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What’s Ultra in a Notebook?

What’s Ultra in a Notebook?

When a notebook has an intel core i7 with dual core capabilities it ensures a fast pace computer. The next thing that makes a regular notebook “Ultra” is the 8GB DDR4 memory module it carries. In case there is a question about having ample storage for your files and applications, the Ultrabook also has 256GBs of SSD Storage. Additionally, it brings Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for fast wireless connection.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The RAM is really helpful when you’re using Excel, Word, PPT, etc.
  • With the extra storage it’s really simple to save in to help your computer run faster.
  • Plus, the built-in camera helps when you’re having a meeting (whether for work or school).

Though these details follow a particular specification list of a specific Ultrabook, there’s more to it than just having a high-speed processor or a large amount of storage, the computers are built for business. They are built and designed to help people in the work force (students or recreational users).

Overall the intention is for you to have an all new computing experience with superior response and fast computing performance. Just picture being at work with an Ultrabook versus having a notebook from three or four years ago that is good, but needs that extra kick that will help you finish that project before its deadline.

Now think, is it time to get a new computer? Will the Ultrabook be able to help me get my work done? The answer is simple, yes.

To find out more about the Ultrabook, please click here.



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