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Three Key Pros to Having the Latest AIO Desktop

Three Key Pros to Having the Latest AIO Desktop

1. Everything you need is all in one place

These desktops have advanced manageability and security features as well as multiple stand options to fit with the way a you work.  Not only is everything all in one place, but you can feel the difference. With the optional point multi-touch screen it allows you to interact with your tasks by pinching, dragging, and swiping. Also, you can experience superb collaboration capabilities thanks to integrated speakers, a dual array microphone, and an HD web camera, along with Microsoft Skype for Business certification. To top it off, it’s cooperation and communication capabilities for both video and telephone conferencing is superb!

2. An outstanding operating system

To experience versatility, the operating system that comes installed in the desktop is the Windows 10 Pro. The Windows 10 Pro has a BitLocker and can put everything on lockdown in case an unauthorized person tries to access your systems or data. Remote Desktop is part of the OS and can help you connect whether you are on the road, in the airport, basically anywhere that has internet connection. Last, the convenience behind it gives you the ability to create your own private app section in the Windows Store.

3. Performance

Equipped with up to 6th and 7th Gen Intel® processor for comprehensive operating system support, it helps power up the desktop. The best part is that although the Windows 10 Pro provides Remote Desktop, the Optional Intel Standard Manageability technology allows for remote out of band management capabilities for increased productivity and support.


Now I leave you with these thoughts, which AIO can help with these benefits? Click here to find out more.



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