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PCM Security vCISO Services

PCM Security vCISO Services

The security industry has over 1 million open positions that are not being filled due to critical skill shortages.  The demand for the upper tier of security talent is even higher.  The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) represents the top ranking security office in any organization.  And with the security threat theater and complexity growing geometrically, every company, non-profit and government needs access to this level of talent.

Other than the largest of enterprise organizations, most companies do not have a full time CISO.  Even companies with several billion dollars in revenue either cannot afford or cannot find this resource. But PCM is here to help.  PCM Security now offers a virtual CISO (vCISO) service.

Through PCM on-demand Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) program you get:


1. A PCM vCISO advisor who acts as an extension of a leadership team. This highly experienced security advisor works effectively at all levels within organizations analyzing threats, developing security plans, policies and assist in ensuring compliance.



2. A PCM vCISO who can balance company needs with its resources and budget and also can be used to train staff, help prepare employees for audits and manage vendor risk assessments



3. Priority access to PCM security technology and compliance practice groups with their deep knowledge of infrastructure threat matrix, compliance risks, regulations and remediation. Many of these experts are former ClSOs/CIOs as well as experienced senior consultants within relevant business/industry.


PCM Security vCISO

Your most cost-effective approach to managing critical security programs.

 PCM vCISO program can balance your needs with additional skilled, directed resources. PCM recommendation to all our new clients is to begin with our 100 hour Start Up program. This gives you the opportunity to settle in with your new vCISO consultant without “clock–watching”. You will have the option to specify the number of hours per month that matches your needs and resources, or bank the hours to be used for large projects. At any time, any of number of hours can easily be added to your account balance.


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