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Vision Right Now 2018 – IT Conference & Expo

Vision Right Now 2018 – IT Conference & Expo

PCM’s annual Vision IT Conference and Expo is a can’t-miss event in the heart of LA. Vision Right Now 2018 is the place where IT professionals from across the country will come together to experience cutting-edge technology. Attendees get the exclusive opportunity to take part in breakout sessions, PCM Panel discussions, and networking events hosted by renown IT innovators. Discover state-of-the-art IT solutions and services and get hands-on with business technology of the future.

What to Expect!

  • Attendees come to learn from innovative speakers and IT exhibitors, grow their professional network, and enjoy themselves.
  • Gain valuable information and practical solutions to everyday tech issues.
  • Get inspired by the new trends and innovations that will be available at your fingertips.
  • Presenters provide insights with in-depth presentations, as well as partner’s sessions and discussions where you can have any of your questions answered.
  • It’s a blast! Everyone comes to learn and have a good time in a positive, encouraging atmosphere.

Keynote: Peek Inside a Hacker’s Mind

It’s not uncommon for a fifteen-year-old boy to get into a little trouble every once in a while. But it’s a lot less common for that trouble to end up being a cyber attack that stops multi-billion dollar companies in their tracks. Michael “MafiaBoy” Calce became a household name when he launched a series of successful attacks against large commercial websites such as eBay, Amazon, ETrade and even CNN. That hack made such a huge impact that the US federal government tracked him down and took him to trial.

Today, Michael Calce is an entrepreneur, public speaker, white hat hacker and author who uses the lessons he learned to continue teaching about the world of cyber security today. His company, Optimal Secure, is a Montreal-based cyber security firm specializing in penetration testing and it’s one part of his continuous effort to keep people informed about the reality of cyber attacks and how they can defend themselves.


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