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Good News for Back Pain Sufferers!

Good News for Back Pain Sufferers!

It’s National Ergonomics Month, the perfect time to focus on an important topic – the impact of workplace technology on employee comfort.

How employees interact with technology every day matters, especially when it comes to nagging ailments like back pain. Back pain continues to be a key issue in terms of employee health and safety as well as a drain on business productivity. Companies like Ergotron are stepping up to tackle this issue head on.

It is estimated that 31 million Americans are experiencing back pain1, and the prevalence of global back pain is estimated to be around 23%.2 Not only do businesses feel the impact of people out of the office dealing with pain, but workers themselves suffer from the physical and emotional stress of not being able to work as they would like.

Sit-stand workstations from companies like Ergotron can help address both employee and employer concerns related to back pain. A Stanford University study found that sit-stand desk users are 75% more likely to report pain-free days than those working at traditional seated (sit-only) desks.

This is just one of the encouraging findings in “Impact of a Sit-Stand Workstation on Chronic Low Back Pain Results of a Randomized Trial” published online in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM). The research confirms what our anecdotal evidence has told us: that the ability to change positions from seated to standing frequently throughout the workday gives workers some measure of relief from certain low back pain issues.

The really good news? Participants began to experience an improvement approximately 15 days after the sit-stand computer workstation was installed. And associated benefits included increased concentration: 95% of participants reported significantly lower back and neck pain, noting the pain was significantly less likely to interfere with their ability to concentrate. That’s great news for organizations that want to promote health and well-being and ultimately, productivity and progress toward business goals.

“Our sit-stand workstations allow seamless movement between sitting and standing positions, offering users ergonomic comfort in addition to many other health-related benefits,” said Pete Segar, Ergotron CEO. “We will continue to build on our WorkFit product line with products like the WorkFit-T, WorkFit-TL and WorkFit-TLE to improve the health and productivity of the world’s office workers.”

Learn More About Ergonomics During the Month of October or contact PCM today to learn more about WorkFit sit-stand workstations and to see if you qualify for a free product from Ergotron.


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