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The Uphill Battle of Protecting A Phone

The Uphill Battle of Protecting A Phone

Often times we drop our phone unintentionally, it happens when we are getting to our point of destination or it happens when we least expect it. Instantly, approximately $700 are lost by accidentally dropping our phone. At work we know that there has to be an approval process for a new phone or if it’s our personal phone we have to spend another sum of money to get our phone fixed or replaced.

Further, there are cases designed with a modern protective exterior. For example, the Aegis case is a perfect blend of style and durability for everyday use. An inner impact resistant lining provides military standard protection from drops up to 6 feet, while the hard polycarbonate shell encases the device offering excellent durability. With an average depth of 0.5 inches, the Aegis series offers serious protection without the added bulk. TPE port covers protect the device from dirt and debris while the raised bezel along the front of the case keeps the screen off of flat surfaces, avoiding unwanted scratches. Trident Case prides itself on offering green protective solutions for your device, as the materials used are degradable, recyclable and compostable.

While the Aegis is a pretty nice case, there is also the Academia Series, which keeps your device safe while enabling optimum functionality for your tablet. A friction hinge kickstand allows you to comfortably use your iPad® at just about any angle while a built-in screen protection keeps your screen scratch-free. A hardened back plate paired with an impact absorbing bumper keeps your iPad® protected from drops, tumbles and other cringe-worthy situations. Identifying asset tags is a breeze as the Academia series features a crystal clear back plate behind the kickstand, enabling easy recognition. From the classroom to the kitchen, you can depend on the Academia Series to keep your iPad® safe.

Two fine cases, but are there more besides these two models? Absolutely, the Kraken AMS Case for Apple iPad® 9.7 (2017) feature hybrid construction of durable, hardened polycarbonate and shock-absorbing silicone. The Kraken AMS Cases feature a built-in screen protector, double-thick silicone corners with anti-skid pads, and silicone plugs over audio and power jacks to keep out moisture and debris.

All of these cases resolve the problem of not only protecting your phone, but the investment that was made toward the phone. Unfortunately, this happens all the time. Now a question to ask is, why not get the case to avoid that headache? Click here to learn more about Trident Cases.

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