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Converging Upon a Composable Future

Converging Upon a Composable Future

Today’s technology is evolving at an alarming rate. What once seemed unimaginable has become all too conceivable. For instance, consider your company’s data center. Do you recall the clunky equipment from the turn of the millennium—those bulky, digitized servers that were once considered cutting-edge innovation? We’ve since leapfrogged into a new age of technology, a time where virtual desktops and mobile networking have become all too commonplace. With cloud and hybrid computing now upon us, perhaps data technology is fast approaching its pinnacle. Well, ponder no more.

In today’s fast-paced business world, the ultimate in IT comes in the form of composable infrastructure. Composability is technology’s answer to unbeatable service deliveries and application deployments, a platform in which physical components are replaced by software-defined infrastructure. While many corporations are primed for such a dramatic plunge, many believe that your launch toward a composable future begins and ends with a quality hyper converged solution.

The Corner of Class and Composability

Imagine an IT environment in which all your networking, storage, and computing are offered as services—and not the product of physical hardware. The performance and efficiency levels of your data center would reach unprecedented highs. Thankfully, world-class solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and PCM can equip your business with all the makings of a composable existence. The HPE SimpliVity 380 solution, strengthened by Intel® Xeon® processors, provides the perfect platform toward the ultimate in data technology.

Winning trifecta. Best-in-class computing, storage, and networking establish a sensible option for transitioning to composability.

Software intelligence. A software layer integrated into the hyper converged appliances presents optimal performance and operability.

Unmatched efficiency. Streamlined processes, automated tasking, and built-in backup/recovery complement a user-friendly interface that maximizes simplicity and efficiency.

VM Management. High volumes of virtual machines (VMs) can be created and maintained, which serves to eliminate VM sprawl.

PCM: Your Provider of IT Excellence

PCM is your trusted provider of top-quality hyper converged solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. With a history of quality deployments and first-rate services, PCM integrates solutions like the HPE SimpliVity 380, strengthened by Intel®, to facilitate your company’s migration into composable infrastructure. With industry-leading flexibility, security, and efficiency, this is the ideal solution for all hybrid and cloud-based data centers. The cutting-edge solution offers the finest in computing, networking, and storage to help your business prosper in the competitive marketplace.

A value-added direct marketer of technology products, PCM customizes world-class solutions that match your company’s unique needs. A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner, PCM deploys first-class IT servers, storage systems, and hyper converged appliances.

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