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Optimizing Your Hybrid IT: As Simple As HPE

Optimizing Your Hybrid IT: As Simple As HPE

The Hyper Converged Solution: Where Simple Meets Sensible

Traditional data operations have become a critical part of everyday business practices. Never before has such strict attention been focused upon sustaining healthy IT. With the high demands of handling such complex infrastructure, it’s no wonder companies struggle to find time and resources for developing business strategies and innovation. In fact, many corporations employ staff members specifically for maintaining a functional data center. After all, dependable IT can thwart staggering performance levels and the looming threat of data corruption and security breaches. Unfortunately, many of today’s aspiring enterprises simply lack the funds and personnel for quality IT upkeep, eventually leading to stunted business growth and limited earning potential. For many business leaders, salvation comes in the form of hyper converged infrastructure, which is today’s simple solution to reducing IT complexities within a sensible budget.

Optimizing Your Hybrid IT: As Simple As HPE

If simple, sound IT is a prerequisite for your enterprise, today’s hyper converged technology certainly delivers. Designed for businesses of all industries and sizes, hyper converged appliances from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and PCM remain among the very finest of their kind. The HPE SimpliVity 380, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, offers your hybrid environment a simplified approach to best-in-class storage, networking, and cloud computing.

  • User-friendly interface. Simple operability that allows laser-fast applications deployments and VM creations in just a few clicks.
  • Streamlined tasks. Automation of multiple tasks and processes that maximizes both productivity and efficiency levels.
  • Built-in protection. Quickly restore your data environment with an all-inclusive resiliency and backup program, which also allows you to eliminate legacy tools.
  • Highly intuitive. Level of software intelligence designed for VM-centric management and reduction of costly sprawls.
  • Convenient flexibility. Data capacity that automatically scales to fit your budget and evolving business initiatives.

Invest with PCM

As your trusted provider of cutting-edge solutions, PCM offers industry-leading hyper converged appliances from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Strengthened by Intel®, the HPE SimpliVity 380 presents a viable option for simplifying your IT environment without compromising the high quality and cost-efficiency of your data center. With unmatched scalability, performance, and data security, this solution can optimize your hybrid or cloud-based IT with world-class computing, networking, and storage.

Since 1987, PCM has deployed over 300,000 server, storage, and hyper converged systems. A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner, we offer top-notch experience and expertise to deliver customized solutions to help countless organizations thrive in their respective industries.

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