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June 2017 Microsoft Office 365 Update

June 2017 Microsoft Office 365 Update

Office 365’s cloud based platform allows Microsoft to constantly rollout new features and capabilities. As a consumer, you should be aware of the below updates and full features of Office 365. Now is the time to move to the cloud!


  • OneNote team announced an updated design for OneNote on Windows 10, iOS, Mac, Android and on the web for users with disabilities. The OneNote navigation settings will all be located on the left-hand side of the screen for more efficient use by assistive technologies and allowing users to quickly jump from note to note. This will also make OneNote consistent across almost all platforms. The only version that will remain the same will be the Windows desktop.

Office 365 Pro Plus

System requirement change; customers with O365 E1, Business Essentials, or similar plans for government, educational and non-profits, and you are connecting to Office 365 with Office 2010, Office 2013, or Office 2016. Starting October 2020, Office ProPlus will be required to connect to Office 365 services if you are not using Office online.


  • Microsoft recently announced “Files on Demand” that will be released with the Windows 10 fall creators update. This will allow all files to be visible on the PC, not just the ones that have been synced. This will help with users that do not have storage on their HDD. You can still choose to always keep a file synced on the PC if you need the file when you are offline.
  • OneDrive will also now allow offline folders on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. For users that are traveling or are in areas that they do not have internet 8connection. This will allow them to have access to the documents they are working on. Changes made to the document when you are offline, will automatically be updated when you are online.


  • Microsoft announced a simpler file sharing experience for SharePoint on file explorer on PC and finder on MAC.
  • SharePoint will soon allow a time limit on how long the file can be shared.
  • SharePoint team sites will also soon be able to interlink to Office 365 groups, which will add groups features such as shared conversations, a group calendar and planner.
  • On the next SharePoint update, there will be a more personable search that will incorporate Microsoft machine learning technologies, for more relevant results much more quickly.


  • Yammer conversation can now be incorporated within the SharePoint intranet for more rounded conversation.
  • Yammer will also start using the SharePoint search for content search and connect to allow a more seamless conversation and connecting people to files and projects.
  • With SharePoint immersion, this will also allow other popular 3rd party services to be incorporated with the Yammer platform.
  • Yammer will also allow dynamic group membership that will allow Office 365 group to process user groups as a rule instead a static list of members. Allowing groups to be created via job role, skills, or geographical location.

Office 365 adoption

  • PowerBI will now provide better and more robust results in adoption towards Office 365 usage.

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– Orod Arbabzadeh Microsoft Cloud SSP, Microsoft Business Unit, PCM, Inc. 




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