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Hyper Converged Technology: Your Modern Recipe for Cost-Effective Infrastructure

Hyper Converged Technology: Your Modern Recipe for Cost-Effective Infrastructure

Today’s hyper converged infrastructure is a splendid collection of first-class technologies for the most demanding of data centers. In other words, these state-of-the-art appliances blend world-class storage, networking, and cloud management services together from one centralized, all-inclusive source. If hyper converged technology offers agility, security, and riveting IT performance, perhaps the proverbial cherry on top comes from the high cost savings you’ll reap from such an investment.

While worldwide enterprises embrace the latest round in superior infrastructure, an undeniable perk to hyper converged IT is its merciful impact upon your company’s bottom line. A fitting platform for your transition into modern hybrid IT, the latest offerings of hyper converged solutions from our partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise remain both cost-conscience and risk-free, providing all the cutting-edge features for optimizing efficiency levels.

Align Your Data Center with Smart Spending

Security. Scalability. Streamlining. It’s the formula for achieving maximum cost savings from your hyper converged date center. Thankfully, hyper converged appliances provide all three, equipping your IT with best-in-class attributes without breaking your bank. The HPE SimpliVity 380, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, is a first-class unit designed to salvage both hours and dollars for your company. Strengthened by Intel®, the HPE SimpliVity 380 offers an array of unique features to help you thrive in any competitive marketplace.

Low capital investment. The modest expenditures on a hyper converged appliance spells good news for your company’s budgetary restrictions.

Devotion to competency. Efficiency of this top-grade solution is priority—be it operational, data-oriented, VM-centric, or workload protection.

Automated streamlining. Simplifying complex tasks into one automated process preserves precious time and resources.

Sturdy protection. Dependable data backup and recovery protects your data center from costly mishaps. Capacity savings. High-quality data compression and deduplication paves the way for up to 90 percent capacity savings in backup storage and production.

Power Up with PCM

With expert deployments from PCM, the HPE SimpliVity 380, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, prevails as one of the industry’s leading solutions for hyper converged infrastructure. Unbeatable performance, coupled with high affordability and cost-efficiency, qualifies this solution as a leading option for optimizing hybrid or cloud-based data centers. After all, today’s hyper converged solutions help businesses flourish in a competitive market while focusing on a prosperous future.

PCM is a value-added direct marketer of technology products, providing world-class solutions to fulfill customer needs. A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner, PCM deploys first-class IT servers, storage systems, and hyper converged appliances.

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