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Why HPE 3PAR StoreServ Is #1

Why HPE 3PAR StoreServ Is #1

Have Cloud and ITaaS environments forced you to settle for Tier-1 storage that compromises on performance and scalability? HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000 Storage is an enterprise flash array with greater than 3M IOPS, sub-millisecond latencies, a 6x density advantage, and scalability of over 20PB of usable capacity for massive consolidation. The flash-optimized architecture leverages the HPE 3PAR Gen5 ASIC to enable hardware accelerated data reduction, including inline deduplication and compression to cut capacity requirements by up to 75%.

What’s new

  • Adaptive data reduction: A hardware accelerated deduplication engine that leverages patented Express Indexing and compression to increase efficiency and maintain all-flash performance.
  • All-Inclusive-Licensing: Simplified software licensing model.
  • 3DC Peer Persistence: Extreme high availability feature with full Peer Persistence functionality.
  • HPE Smart SAN 2.0: Built-in automated SAN configuration feature now includes target driven federated zoning and SSMC support.
  • Recovery Manager Central 4.0: Fast and affordable end-to-end protection for SAP HANA databases on HPE 3PAR StoreServ.
  • File Persona: Provision block storage volumes as well as file shares from a single capacity store with HPE 3PAR File Persona.


  • Scalable to Meet Growing Enterprise Requirements: Reduce performance bottlenecks with flash-optimized hardware and software for greater than 3 million IOPS at sub-millisecond latencies.
  • Flexible to Meet Unpredictable Business Demands: Run workloads at the right cost and SLA with one-click workload balancing.
  • Resilient so you can Consolidate with Confidence: Maintain high availability and Tier-1 resiliency with a complete set of persistent technologies.
  • Futureproof to Support Hybrid and On-demand Computing: Get All-Flash on-prem for pennies per GB per month, with HPE Flash Now Program.

Why HPE 3PAR StoreServ Is #1

Effortless: Self-management and automation speed service provisioning

HPE OneView automation


StoreServ Management Console

Fast: Unique hardware acceleration for mixed-workload performance


Assured QoS

Leading SPC-2 Result

Affordable: Lower TCO with efficiency technologies so powerful it guarantees savings



Adaptive SSD Sparing

Protected: Avoid downtime with tier-1 data services and multi-tenant security

99.9999% availability guarantee

Flash-optimized data protection

Flexible replication and scale-out clustering



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