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Have You Lost Sight of Your Data?

Have You Lost Sight of Your Data?

Organizations are struggling with two competing forces: demand for uncompromising information protection and access and the exponential increase in data growth and sprawl. As organizations fight these challenging trends, the stakes are growing higher than ever. When organizations cannot effectively identify their critical data among the junk, time, money and protection effort is wasted on an environment where 41% of the data is questionable value.

Changing the status quo requires 3 core steps:

Gain visibility into what you store: You can accurately assess your complete data inventory and expose hidden vulnerabilities and costs with clear line of sight into your environment.

Match protection policies to the data they protect: You can properly assign backup policies to protect and store data by understanding data and its value as an asset or liability.

Forecast your storage demands: As data grows 39% year over year, becomes increasingly fluid, and new opportunities for cheap and efficient storage exist, you can better plan and prepare for the future by understanding what you have and how it grows overtime.

Veritas Reduces Information Risk by Transforming Backup Data into Actionable Intelligence

Veritas solves the challenges of modern data protection with a solution-level approach that disparate products cannot achieve. Veritas delivers integrated visibility. The direct integration between Veritas NetBackup and Veritas Information Map enables organizations to not only protect their information, but identify opportunities throughout their environment to optimize information storage and reduce information risk in as little as 24 hours.

Predict Your Future Protection and Storage Needs

NetBackup collects metadata from electronically stored information, inclusing user’s files recently created, modified, or deleted, and stores it in NetBackup master server catalogue. The insights are as recent as the associated backup cadence and the picture that users are getting of their environment is up-to-date. Trend, ownership and age information available via Veritas, enables organizations to:

  • Reaction immediately and accurately to areas that require capacity
  • Confidently plan cloud migration projects
  • Accommodate special users or locals with heavy demand


PROTECT                 COLLECT                DISPLAY                NAVIGATE             CONTROL


By integrating NetBackup and Information Map you can maximize your investment in protecting your data, surfacing actionable insights that help you make better decisions for the future. Veritas enables you to accelerate your own digital transformation while leveraging an existing investment, and establish a reliable foundation for the future with Veritas 360 Data Management.



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