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SQL 2017 Releasing Soon!

SQL 2017 Releasing Soon!

Are you ready for SQL 2017! 

New Features and Benefits

Microsoft has been putting SQL Server on Linux through its paces since March of last year, when it announced a private preview of the product. At the time, Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft, promised that SQL Server on Linux “will provide customers with even more flexibility in their data solution. One with mission-critical performance, industry-leading TCO, best-in-class security, and hybrid cloud innovations — like Stretch Database which lets customers access their data on-premises and in the cloud whenever they want at low cost — all built in.”

One of Microsoft’s stated goals with these upcoming SQL Server releases is to achieve as much application compatibility and feature parity between the Windows and Linux versions, though some variances are inescapable. As Microsoft engineers described in this detailed blog post, the development of SQL Server on Linux entailed the creation of a “platform abstraction layer” (or PAL) within SQL Server and leveraging the “Drawbridge” virtualization technology created by Microsoft Research.


“To make SQL Server support multiple platforms, the engineering task is essentially to remove or abstract away its dependencies on Windows,” they wrote. “As you can imagine, after decades of development against a single operating system, there are plenty of OS-specific dependencies across the code base. In addition, the code base is huge. There are tens of millions of lines of code in SQL Server.”
Anticipated release: Mid-2017

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