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Office 365 E4 Retirement

Office 365 E4 Retirement

Effective April 7, 2017, the Office 365 Enterprise E4 suite will officially retire. This retirement means you will no longer be able to renew E4 subscriptions, in addition current E4 subscriptions won’t be impacted until the end of their 12-month terms.

The next strategic move would be to transition to one of the Office 365 products that fit your organizational needs. Your options range from the Enterprise E3 suite all the way to the Secure Productive Enterprise E5 suite. Each of which contain a variety of security and telephony products to fulfill the needs of virtually any organization.

Starting with the Enterprise E3 suite of products you will see a pullback in functionality. Removing the telephony ability from Skype for Business but continues the rest of the abilities seamlessly. You may also purchase an add on that can bring back the exact features but through an additional purchase of the Skype for Business Plus CAL. You may continue building on functionality through the Skype for Business Cloud PBX add-on as well. Each of these options is based off of no other functionality addition outside of telephony.

For organizations that desire to increase both functionality and security the following options would be a better fit. The Enterprise E5 suite of technologies builds on the foundation laid by the Enterprise E3 suite by addition 10 additional technologies. Six of which are security focused, two analytic products, and rounding it out with two surrounding telephony.

This leads us naturally towards the two Secure Productive Enterprise suites. The first increases security through a valuable collection of technologies in the Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 Suite, combining with a Windows E3 license. You would also add on the Skype for Business Plus CAL to bring back the telephony feature lost with the retirement of Enterprise E4. Finally you have the Secure Productive Enterprise E5 suite that combines Office 365 Enterprise E5, Enterprise Mobility + Security E5, and Windows E5. The ultimate combination of security and telephony from Microsoft.

Whether Office 365 Enterprise E4 was chosen because it made soft phone calls easier, or as a pure extension of the E3 suite, the Enterprise E5 suites both strengthen security and can build out a complete telephony environment.

We have several resources available for you to learn more about the suites of products shared here. From the latest collection of Office 365 news and product releases to the complex scenarios that often need assistance in navigating, our Microsoft team can help.

Please reach out to us to find out which solution best fits your needs and how this change will affect you!


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