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Introducing Premium Assurance for a Digital Transformation

Introducing Premium Assurance for a Digital Transformation

We’re noticing a trend recently that’s affecting the majority of our customers; as more companies invest in the cloud and transition workloads away from legacy systems and outdated infrastructure, there’s also a growing concern around maintaining the stability and security of existing systems running applications that aren’t fully cloud-ready, yet still require modernization and agility of the development processes.  Organizations cannot afford downtime or disruption of certain legacy and/or missing-critical applications, so Microsoft designed Premium Assurance for SQL Server and Windows Server to ensure the diversity of your environment will continue to be supported!

Microsoft Premium Assurance delivers security updates rated ‘critical’ and ‘important’, in addition to bulletins for a full six years after Extended Support ends.  This gives you up to 16 total years of support, compared to just 5 years (each) of Mainstream and Extended support offerings.  With Premium Assurance, Microsoft is enabling your legacy applications to continue running without disruption as you transition workloads to cloud to update infrastructure.  This also makes it easier to remain compliant with regulatory requirements, and maintain security on systems that you have no immediate plans to update.

Premium Assurance is available for both Windows Server and SQL Server, which is perfect for scenarios where customers are using legacy ERP systems, critical applications that can’t support the down-time needed for updates, custom applications that would be expensive to redesign, or industry-specific applications not yet offered as cloud solutions.

Buy Premium Assurance now and lock in your savings!

The sooner you buy Premium Assurance for Windows Server or SQL Server (offered together or separately), the more you’ll save.  Pricing starts at 5% of the current license cost, and will increase to a maximum of 12% over time, so purchasing Premium Assurance from now until June 2017 could save you up to 60 percent on the total cost.

Premium Assurance is sold as an Add-On to active Software Assurance (SA) for Windows Server or SQL Server, and your original purchase price will not change throughout the term or at renewal, so you’re essentially locking in these savings for future Premium Assurance needs.  The first versions supported will be SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 (Extended Support ending 7/2019) and Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 (Extended Support ending 1/2020).

Learn more about Premium Assurance here, and contact your PCM sales executive for more details!


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