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Power Enterprise Systems for the Cloud

Power Enterprise Systems for the Cloud

Accelerate the transformed IT infrastructure for cloud

Business climates are changing, and organizations must provide an infrastructure that can quickly adapt to those changes. In its many forms (public, private or hybrid), cloud computing is quickly becoming both the delivery and consumption models for IT. However, getting the correct mix between traditional IT, private cloud and public cloud can be a challenge.

To help clients accelerate this transformation, IBM is introducing significant enhancements to two lines of systems. The Power Enterprise systems for cloud—the Power E850C, E870C and E880C—are built on IBM’s industry-leading scale-up systems and include OpenStack-based cloud management to help clients transform traditional infrastructures with automation, self-service and elastic consumption models.

The Power Enterprise for Cloud offerings provide key capabilities:

OpenStack-based private cloud management, combined with open source-based cloud automation.

OpenStack software is designed to deliver a secure, open-source and private-cloud platform that can integrate with a business’s data center infrastructures and applications, with the Power E850C, E870C and E880C servers, provides the self-service cloud portal for IBM Power Systems. This self-service portal allows users to quickly request cloud resources and reliably deploy virtual machines with approval policies to control the provisioning of cloud resources.

Build flexible elastic private cloud capacity and consumption models.

These servers include flexible consumption models. As clients transition toward cloud computing, they also look for new ways to purchase the capacity they require in their IT operations. IBM’s enterprise-class systems for cloud include increased flexibility to meet these needs. Clients can purchase these systems through a traditional capital expenditure procurement model or shift to a more operational expenditure model where they align expenses closely with usage.

Complimentary access to IBM® Cloud

Capability for clients to extend their core business infrastructures to leverage hybrid cloud computing benefits, whether for application development or increased flexibility regarding how clients access capacity. IBM offers extensions, including: the capability to integrate with hybrid cloud management orchestrators; services to help clients design and build secure hybrid cloud applications. Plus, clients will have the flexibility to use the IBM cloud for hybrid computing.

Securely connect System of Record workloads and data to cloud native applications.

IBM provides a comprehensive set of cloud design, build and delivery services to help clients start their infrastructure transformation. Services include basic cloud provisioning and automation, deploying a full DevOps environment, developing secure hybrid applications and enabling delivery of database as a service (DBaaS).




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