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Exploits. Intercepted

Exploits. Intercepted

Today’s cyber criminals are more sophisticated than ever. Organized. Efficient. Underground yet constantly communicating. Disruptive yet able to disappear without a trace. Next generation attacks call for next generation solutions. Sophos Intercept X is a completely new approach to endpoint security. It’s advance protection against modern threats. No more ransomware. No more signatures. No more guesswork. No more messy clean up.

Sophos Intercept X prevents unknown, zero day attacks without using signatures. It makes sure everything is locked up to prevent breaches in the first place. It uses multiple layers of technology, allowing you to create your own tailored next-generation endpoint security solution.

Exploits are one of the main techniques used by cybercriminals to spread malware. They take advantage of weaknesses in legitimate software products like Flash and Microsoft Office to infect computers for their criminal ends. A single exploit can be used by myriad separate pieces of malware, all with different payloads.

Antivirus solutions have traditionally focused on stopping the malware that uses the exploits rather than the exploits themselves. Hackers only use 10’s of different techniques to exploit software vulnerabilities. By blocking these exploit techniques, you can block a massive number of malware samples in one go, before they even enter your system. You can block exploits that happen over the wire (drive by attacks), or take advantage of vulnerabilities that have never been seen before (zero day vulnerabilities).

Exploit Kits

An exploit kit is a pre-packaged toolkit of malicious web pages or software that crooks can buy, license or lease for the purpose of distributing malware. You can use an exploit kit to deliver malware to unsuspecting victims.

How to secure against exploits

  • Deploy Sophos Intercept X. It runs alongside Sophos Central Endpoint Protection Advanced as well as endpoint solutions from other antivirus and next-generation vendors to bolster your protection.
  • Patch early, patch often. If you have already closed the holes that an exploit kit is programmed to try, all its alternatives will fail and the exploit kit will be useless.
  • Keep your security software up to date. A good anti-virus can block document attacks at many points, including getting rid of dangerous email attachments before you open them, filtering out booby-trapped websites so you can’t reach them, and blocking booby-trapped files you can’t touch them.
  • Consider using a stripped-down document viewer. Microsoft’s own Word Viewer, is usually much less vulnerable than Word itself.
  • Remove unused browser plugins. If you don’t need Java in your browser, uninstall the plugin. An exploit kit can’t attack a browser component that isn’t there.


Exploits are incredibly powerful tools that are widely used by today’s cybercriminals, with a single exploit used to distribute millions of malware variants. By stopping these exploits, you can block the vast majority of malware before it even enters your system. The proven anti-exploit technology in Sophos Intercept X enables you to stop exploits in their tracks.

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