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Ready for a Technology-Based Approach to Managed Print Services?

Ready for a Technology-Based Approach to Managed Print Services?

In simplest terms managed print services is: services offered by an external provider to optimize or manage a company’s document output. How an external provider performs this service can have a big impact on your results.

A labor-based approach creates burdensome delays and disruptions for you, your staff and your users. However, with a technology-based approach, the process starts before the device has an issue. The system detects potential issues and automatically initiates service requests, so users don’t need to enter a trouble ticket or call the help desk. That’s one advantage of a system that relies more on technology than on labor.4

In addition, with a labor-based approach, reporting can be problematic. If you’re dependent on manual processes to update device status and record interactions, the risks of errors and inaccurate reporting and billing are significant. A labor-based approach to MPS leaves many gaps that only a technology-based approach can resolve.

1Go beyond gathering data

The key is the ability to capture and interpret millions of data points about managed print devices.

You lose the ability to benefit from rich data mining that can occur when fleet data is collected in a single technology-based system. Your fleet contains volumes of data that can be extremely valuable in improving workflow and document driven processes.

2Gain valuable insights from the Internet of Things

With today’s sophisticated connected devices, it’s reasonable to expect your MPS provider to deliver an accurate, holistic view of your fleet and seamlessly take action to reduce or eliminate disruption for you. The insights gained through smart sensors are enabling enterprises to provide services that set them apart from the competition.

3Some important questions for your MPS provider

  1. How are you incorporating the IoT into your service?
  2. How can you help me spend less time on print-related activities?
  3. What is the first-time fix rate for my fleet?
  4. How often are you able to resolve issues before my devices fail?
  5. Can I have visibility to real-time performance metrics?

To take advantage of the technology-based approach to managed print services, make sure to ask questions like these. Learn more about how PCM and Lexmark can help with your Managed Print Services here.



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