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How Safe Are You?

How Safe Are You?

Cyber-attacks are like viruses; always evolving and adapting in order to identify and infect as many people as possible. Here are some quick facts regarding cyber-attacks:

  • Laptop and mobile devices are most often hit by cyber-crime due to easy access to WiFi.
  • The estimated damage of a successful cyber-attack will cost a U.S. business an average of $400 billion.
  • Hacking has increased 32.2% annually, and is steadily rising.

Now more than ever, businesses need to have an up-to-date security model that is designed to protect your network before, during, and after an attack.

icons3Before an attack:

To defend before an attack occurs, organizations need total visibility of their environment including, physical and virtual hosts, operating systems, application, services, protocols, users content and network behavior. Defenders need to be more knowledgeable than the attackers they’re at war with. They need to understand the whole of the infrastructure they’re trying to protect and create visibility that spans the entire network. Take inventory of devices, applications, users, and other vulnerabilities. Enforce that computers are company owned systems and make sure they use the latest security policies.

icons2During an attack:

Businesses that want to be successful in managing an attack must have a security infrastructure based on the concept of awareness; one that can aggregate and correlate data from across the network with historical patterns and global attack intelligence to provide context and discriminate between active attacks. You need the best threat detection possible: be able to identify, classify, and stop known and unknown threats.

icons1After an attack:

If the attack was successful, you need to be able to determine the scope of the damage, contain the event, remediate, and bring operations back to normal. Block and defend for the future: filter email from spam, spoofed links (phishing), and attachments laden with threats, and secure web use from malicious file downloads.

PCM has the perfect mixture of technology, services and support to protect your organization from information security threats. We have national coverage with local support, industry knowledge and the right technology partnerships to help your organization cost-effectively fortify and manage your unique security environment. Security is more critical to your network than ever before. Don’t be a victim.



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