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Tools to Power and Protect a Mobile Workforce

Tools to Power and Protect a Mobile Workforce

Personal mobile devices have gone from being unwelcome at work to being indispensable. More than 90% of Americans use their own mobile devices to conduct work-related tasks, and more than 85% of organizations have some type of BYOD policy in place. For IT professionals, this trend brings with it the prospect of watching over a growing array of personal mobile devices without intruding on employee privacy.

The primary thing a mobile workforce needs is mobility. Employees must be able to pack up and take off with a device that isn’t too heavy or too fragile to carry around all day. Workers also need to be able to do this all securely without constantly interrupting their workflow. It falls to IT teams to provide access to the app and services employees want to use, to spot and lock down vulnerabilities in those tools, and to manage expectations and frustrations if this means changes to familiar workflows.

It helps to have devices that are easy to manage, well supported by vendors and compatible with the latest mobility management software. A new generation of 2-in-1 devices with enterprise-level productivity and security features has emerged to meet the needs of both mobile workers and IT teams. These 2-in-1 devices (tablets that convert to laptops by adding detachable keyboards) are light and thin enough to be convenient for traveling, the full sized detachable keyboards make it easy to type, and their high-quality displays make detailed documents easy to read.

PCM offers a full range of technology solutions for BYOD and mobile infrastructures, which offers features and capabilities needed to meet both employee and IT needs.

productivityProductivity: seemless movement from tablet to laptop, power and speed to get real work done, and access to familiar apps such as Microsoft Office and Google Apps for Business.mobility

Mobility: the convenience and flexibility to go on the move, fanless design, full-sized detachable keyboard cover, touchscreen display, and 10.5 hours of battery life.

securitySecurity: built-in safeguards to protect devices and data, security features, enhanced mobile security, and secure authentication using a smartphone fingerprint reader.

Mobility is rapidly becoming the new normal for the workplace, turning powerful new devices like 2-in-1 devices into today’s workstations. IT professionals can bridge the gap between innovation and security, providing employees the mobility and performance they need to thrive while also developing the tools to confidently move beyond the network perimeter.


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