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Keep Remote Employees Connected and Engaged with UC

Keep Remote Employees Connected and Engaged with UC

Today’s millennials are changing the workforce. They want improved work/life balance and at the same time they value team collaboration. Employers are responding by enabling flexible and remote work options. However, keeping everyone connected can be difficult when some of the team works away from the office all or part of the time. That’s where Unified Communications (UC) comes in.

UC is the technology platform that integrates a range of devices like desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, as well as operating systems and applications. This enables employees to work from anywhere with the tools they prefer and still stay connected to the company and each other. The platform also provides a host of collaboration tools, including e-mail, instant messaging, web and video conferencing and fax, which are all accessible through the convenience of one interface, saving time to check multiple inboxes. You can easily control the data and relay any or all of it to others at your convenience.

More and more, the employees you’re hiring want flexibility to choose where and when they work and the technology to keep them connected. Providing this flexibility is key to staying competitive in an ever-changing market.Capture

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Connect remote employees to customers

UC also enables small business team members to connect and collaborate with customers from anywhere. Platform features such as Find-me/Follow-me improve responsiveness. With the technology, you give out one number, and when someone dials that number, the IP telephony system routes the calls to selected numbers at the same time. If there is no answer after routing the call to all the numbers, the system will leave the call in voice mail, which can be retrieved from any device.

In addition, UC enables a status display. Since it lets employees know when someone is available, an employee needing help to answer a customer’s question can engage with a colleague over chat, conference in another employee, or transfer the call to a more knowledgeable team member which will help avoid long hold times.

Key Benefits of UC

  • Enhance productivity: All of your messages are accessible through the convenience of one interface, eliminating the time it takes to check the inboxes of multiple devices. There is also a status display that enables you to know when another employee is available to make scheduling meetings easier.
  • Reduce travel: If your customers are across the country or across the sea, UC an help reduce travel expenses. You can fulfill the need for face-to-face communication through the video conferencing capability. You can share presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and more.
  • Cut interviewing and training costs: UC allows you to conduct face-to-face meetings with applicants who are remote without the cost of flying them out. You can also conduct regular training sessions over web or video conference and have everyone attend regardless of where your employees are located. Videos can be recorded so employees can review them later if they need a refresher, and you can even send the link of the video to employees who might not be able to attend the meeting.
  • Reduce office space costs: You are able to cut down on the costs of real estate with more remote workers working out of home offices or even at coworking spaces.
  • Headsets help answer the call to UC: With so many connected communication devices and tools integrated into the UC experience, you and your team need a singular, one touch, control to facilitate communication and collaboration. Headsets meet the need by simplifying connectivity to your range of devices and applications, knowing when you’re wearing a headset and routing calls accordingly.

Device as-a-Service makes it easy to deploy UC: You can acquire a complete Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) solution along with Plantronics audio devices. The program bundles UCaaS offerings and your choice of Plantronics Voyager, Save, and Blackwire families or the CS540 into flexible 12, 24, or 36 month payment options.



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