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The Seven Perils of PSTs with Barracuda

The Seven Perils of PSTs with Barracuda

There’s a lot of talk about the problems with PST files. These PSTs, or Personal Folders files, are Outlook data files that store messages and other items on a computer. This is the most common method by which home users and small organizations archive and manager their Outlook information.

Because PSTs are so common, many SME and enterprise users find PST files to be a convenient way to manager their company mailboxes, even if PSTs aren’t supported by the organization. PST archives are easy to configure, easy to save, and easy to access. This is a dream come true for users who don’t understand the risks.

On the other hand, PST files can be a massive headache for System Administrators. These files circumvent retention and compliance policies and put the disaster recovery process at risk.

Anyone who manages messaging system knows that PST files ultimately cost the company more. In this infographic, there’s a detailed evaluation of seven specific problems that SysAdmins struggle to manage.


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