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15 Years Later, Where’s Our Y2K Bug?

15 Years Later, Where’s Our Y2K Bug?

Fifteen years ago, the world stood in hopeless anticipation for the unknown. There was a world-wide fear of the Year 200 Problem, the Millennium bug, or simply Y2K. It was a prophesied  problem for both digital and non-digital documentation, and data storage situations.

As we broke into the computer age, we ran hard and fast. Quickly computers became a necessity to the way that society functioned, thus became the age of technology. Everywhere you turned there were POS systems, ATMs, computers, and cell phones. Part of the programming was to utilize only two of the four digits in any given year. We shortened things from 1997 to ’97 – initially a brilliant thought; until they realized what the year 2000 meant, ’00. Meaning everything would completely restart. This is a problem no one could have foreseen, nor planned for.

Everyone thought that computers would shut down, the entire world as we knew it would cease to function. The worldwide belief of the “Millennium Bug” quickly consumed everyone’s brains, no one could completely understand the magnitude of the situation. Companies were urged to do whatever they could to save the data that they had in the computers, just in case of a complete meltdown. Society couldn’t be sure just how many machines were going to have issues because of this “Millennium Bug”. Our 1999 world barely began to understand the magnitude of data security and back-up solutions.

In our current technological advancements, this is typical talking point in a conversation. When your company is looking for computer solutions, cloud solutions and back up & security are commonplace in conversation.  You don’t buy one without the other. These are things that go together better than Mickey Mouse and Disneyland.

Businesses now have to prepare for unforeseen events – whether those events include power outages, man-made issues, natural disasters, and even a Y2K. If you lost your IT services, how would you recover? Having to replace your entire IT infrastructure can be pain-staking, frustrating, and incredibly expensive. Don’t risk losing your total infrastructure by not being prepared.


Avoid the technology apocalypse, we were lucky enough to not have world-wide shut down the minute the clock striked 12:00am, January 1, 2000 – you won’t always be that lucky. Start your planning today.

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