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Webcast: Sophos Security with Cloud Simplicity

Webcast: Sophos Security with Cloud Simplicity

Remote and roaming workers focus on results, not security, and it’s a challenge for IT organizations to keep up with these high performers. Updating security software and scanning systems for viruses on a roaming worker’s laptop without negatively impacting their productivity can be a challenge.

To help businesses simplify their security in a mobile friendly environment, PCM hosted a live webcast with Sophos at 10am PST on Thursday, October 2nd. The webcast looked at how organizations can empower remote and roaming employees with the tools they need while still protecting computing resources and sensitive data.

Key topics that were covered in the webcast will include:

  • Security challenges posed by employees working beyond the company’s secure perimeter
  • Top security risks of a roaming workforce
  • Best practices and tips to mitigate risks associated with roaming workers


Protect your business . . . and your toes.
For those who missed the Socks for Sysmas promotion for System Administrator Appreciation Day, Sophos will ship a pair of Sophos Socks to webcast attendees. Simply fill out the form below! This offer is while supplies last, so interested attendees are encouraged to register early.

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Sophos Security with Cloud Simplicity from PCM Video on Vimeo.